SiteGround new webhost of

SiteGround new webhost of

I moved to SiteGround from Websynthesis and it was relatively smooth.

It would have been completely smooth if I had understood DNS/Namecheap better. Once I corrected my mistake everything worked perfectly.

It was a remarkable transition. From the time that I paid for the service, until the time it was done, it was probably 12 hours. I have about 1.5 GB of content, so to me, that is acceptable. It was done on a Friday night and ready Saturday morning. I am very pleased with the service.

I am even more pleased with the pricing. Even though I went back to a shared service from a dedicated service it is faster. I checked with Pingdom and the speed is faster. That is without changing any of the default settings. I paid for a $20 malware protection upgrade. When the site is renewed next year, it will still cost less than half of what I had been paying Websynthesis.

I had paid them more in the past because they were supposed to be the fastest at WordPress hosting. However clearly they are not. It was remarkable to find a better provider for less money.

Even the SiteGround technical support was helpful. I called them and got someone in a few minutes. He looked at my site when I had a problem and realized it was a DNS issue with the Namecheap provider. Once I fixed that with them, it worked flawlessly. I was so pleased that they had moved everything perfectly.

I am going to investigate now getting an https SSL certificate so that Google doesn’t penalize me for not having one. I am looking forward to seeing what they offer. I would definitely recommend them to customers. Update: I got this certificate and it was easy to setup. Now I am a secure site and will rank higher in Google. I wonder if this will affect my traffic?

I bought the mid-tier plan and the renewal price is $20 a month. Even though there is a 25,000 limit I am within that currently so its not an issue for me. If I go higher than I will easily move up to the next level.

Update: This move was more detailed that I expected. Several things needed to be adjusted.

  • My database size I mentioned was 1.5 gb at my old host. Well when they copied everything over, it decreased to 1.1 gb. Databases often have something called “white space” which is space that is empty but takes up space. So I assumed thats why it was smaller. Looking at my data I didn’t see anything missing.
    • However this was not the end of the database issue. It turns out that on a shared hosting plan, there are limits to your sql size. For the size of plan I was on the limit was 750 mb. At 1.1 GB I was about 300 MB over the limit. I had to reduce the size of my database. I deleted some data I thought I didn’t need, and it turns out that it was some information I needed. So I am just repairing the damage I did.
  • The change of database size has some benefits. Right now it is at 112 MB. Which is a huge change. The biggest thing that was taking up data was the statics on what stories had been read. I don’t miss the loss of that data since I had related posts that also showed the popularity of stories. Even if I had missed all of the views on my stories, that would have been ok because that data while interesting isn’t something I need.
    • By reducing the size of the database it increases the performance. It also means that moving to another webhost will be even faster if I don’t like SiteGround. Having a small database is always helpful.
  • Some of my video thumbnails had to be recreated. This is easy do because I have a plugin called Bulk Video Thumbnails. Not an issue. This has happened before when moving sites. Not their issue, it was caused by me and not carefully deleting things.
  • I could have restored that data but nothing was critical. No data on my website is critical. Even if I lose everything it will just give me a chance to start over and make it even more focused and useful. With that said, I still have malware protection because I do not like helping criminals benefit from unsecured networks.

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