Thoughts on China and the US

I have shared a few things about China and the US lately. China and its leader, China and dominating trade, China difficult to do business with, Book review of China Study, China pollution hurts the weakest, China goods bad for the environment, China beauty in caves, China blocks the tor environment, Vertical stairs in China, Five reasons why China will take world tech leadership, and more.

I find China fascinating because it is so different to what we are used to in the US. I think learning from other cultures is important. I shared before how I learned from the Amish and found the experience delightful. It is thrilling to me to learn other cultures. I have been fortunate that previous relationships were with minorities so I got a chance to learn and appreciate who they were as well.

Without getting on a political rant, it is interesting how the US treats China. I find it very interesting that such a strong market economy was ignored for so long. I worked for a company that had an office in China and it was a challenge. I worked directly with people who lived in China and even got the Chinese apps to communicate and everything was impossibly slow. It was so frustrating trying to help them.

China has done something that few communist countries have been able to do. It has been able to support capitalism and growth in a way that seems to still have its own values. I wonder how long other countries can avoid its gravity. It seems to me that with all the planning and strategy that is coming out of China, anyone without a plan is going to get sucked into its plan.

Which leads us to the US. Does anyone feel that the US has a 5-10-25 year plan? China has a 100 year plan and it shows. We fail to accomplish without a plan no matter how good our intentions. China is our example and what are we learning from the Chinese? I can tell you that the Chinese are teaching me many things.

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