Internet information is becoming less useful

Internet information is becoming less useful

Have you noticed that Internet information is becoming less useful? Perhaps 5-10 years ago, when you read something online you could believe it because the person was generally an authority on it. Now, information is barely disguised as an advertisement.

This weekend I was researching what the best kind of mens multivitamin would be. Pretty simple request right? It turns out that webpage after webpage, had almost identical lists. What is more, is that those lists linked to Amazon where they would get a kickback if you purchased that item. The text was so similar on a dozen webpages I could not help but feel that the search results were just for advertising and link promotion rather than being useful.

It took me all weekend to find a better mens vitamin than the lists said. I didn’t find it on any top ten list from websites that you would expect to find that information on. I had been using Garden of Life Vitamin Code. Many grocery stores and other business carry this. However my doctor said that my blood test said I would benefit more from Vitamin D. So I looked to get something that had more Vitamin D. It turns out that New Chapter Everymans One daily is the best vitamin I could find. No I am not getting money for sharing this. The link goes to the vendors website. You know what is even more interesting? They are selling it for retail on Amazon, and a much lower price directly. Directly you can see it is about $16 compared to $23 on Amazon.

This is not to tell you what kind of vitamins you should buy. I am sharing this because it was the result of my effort and research. The point here is that it used to be that you could google or search authoritative and reliable information. Now people are poisoning reviews as they have always done with false information. All the time I read reviews of products that are terrible products, and they have positive reviews. If people used those products like I had, they would not say positive things about them.

This is not a difference of opinion, these reviews are lies. It is a lie when they make claims that are not true. For example, some products claim to be gluten free but contain wheat. Some products claim to be vegan, but their D3 is from animal sources. This is clearly not being honest with the customer.

Question everything you read on the Internet carefully. It is no more or less true than the information in your non-internet life.

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