The problems with Faxing in business

I don’t understand why, but many companies still continue to use faxes in business. The time of this is long past.

There are so many problems with faxes I don’t know where to start. I guess the first would be cost. Every fax has to be handled manually. Which means very high labor costs. It resists automation, and isn’t even useful for documentation because of the poor quality of faxes. In addition, faxes continue to have issues like sending or the poor transmission from customers or other companies.

In every company I find ways to eliminate faxes. I think it is laziness for an company to use a fax. Everything should have either an electronic signature, a pdf, or some sort of automation in communications with other companies. I hate having to deal with fax issues because they are never clear or straightforward.

Take for example a problem that I had at one company with faxes that would come over with just a partial transmission. It was from RingCentral and the attachments would be full of issues. The attachments which were the “faxes” would be partial, blank, poor quality or many other things. Talking to RingCentral they said it was the sending fax that was to blame. However this was happening to almost everyone sending us faxes through RingCentral for that department. Other departments were fine getting faxes through RingCentral.

After investigating the issue more it turns out that the group was improperly setup and that was the reason why the faxes didn’t happen. The group needed to be activated and because it wasn’t, it was only partially working. After this was done all faxes came through normally.

So this was a time wasting fault on several levels. On the part of RingCentral for not making their group faxing automatically activate, on the part of the person who set up that group, on the part of the IT staff for not knowing this, and on the part of the user for demanding to use faxing when electronic signatures were available. Rarely is a problem just one persons fault. However it is IT’s responsibility to make it work, and as always I find a solution.

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