Tinder users more depressed and lower self-esteem

Tinder users more depressed and lower self-esteem

This study talks about how social media users feel worse about themselves. It makes sense, but it is sad.

One of the downsides of capitalism is that people start to believe that everything needs to be compared. People look at themselves and compare themselves against others, and then feel bad if they don’t compare well to others.

The truth is that we can’t compare ourselves to others. Physically you can say we are different, but in the most important ways, we are the same. We all desire to be respected and most of us want to have a relationship with something in our life. Maybe not another person, but a faith or belief that brings meaning to a life.

Those people who allow themselves to feel that they are better or worse than others are quite surprising. In the past I used to think I was worse than others. With time, I realized that I am better at some things and worse at others. There was no meaningful comparison I could do with others. Not in intelligence, money, success or any other visible metric.

We all have challenges and difficulties in our life. The fact that some of us are still even here is an accomplishment. It is kindness and patience that helps others to grow. When you are kind and patient with others, you realize that you should also do this with yourself.

People who think they are not as good as others are interesting. They forget all of their strengths and abilities, and focus on details that others may not even notice. For example, I used to think that people would notice small details that I cared about. I learned that only I cared about those details, and when I asked others they never noticed. What is so obvious to us isn’t always obvious to others.

If someone judged you by your exterior self, they have missed the most important part of you. The internal part is what ultimately someone will love, and taking care of that will always make you happy.

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