Want to be prepared and enjoy delish food?

After heavy snow in the NY area, I thought it might be reasonable to have some emergency food ready in case the power went out. I researched it, and I bought this Mountain house 5 day emergency supply.

The food has exceeded my expectations. I have tried MRE’s and military food before but almost always it was terrible. It tasted terrible, and it was made with terrible ingredients. Now this food tastes better than most restaurants I’ve eaten at and has an amazing 30 year shelf life. The government has always asked citizens to have 72 hour emergency supply. Now after buying my 3 day emergency survival kit, I am ready.

This company also offers a great deal more options. This box has individual pouches, but they also offer cans of food as well. The cans cost about $30 each but can feed 11 people. The other option of course for emergency food is cans. I personally hate cans. They make food taste metallic and they don’t have the shelf life people claim. Too often food goes bad in cans and I don’t trust them. Have you ever seen swollen cans from botulism? I have seen too many of them.

I hate to buy emergency water at this point. I have a little in my 3 day bag, but I think that to use this food I have to come up with a water strategy. I am going to give this further thought. I think I prefer the ability to purify water rather than just have a lump of water sitting somewhere. Living in an apartment doesn’t lend itself to storing things like water.

Interestingly this food is healthier than frozen TV dinners. I hate TV dinners. I used to eat them in the past and I don’t want to eat another one. My favorites were Marie Callender and Hungry Man. Unfortunately those both have about 54% of the recommended daily amount of sodium in just one dinner. So you couldn’t eat multiple ones of them daily. This food has between 26-36% of the recommended daily amount, so you could eat multiples of them and be ok. It is also better with more natural ingredients than you find in many frozen TV dinners. More importantly it doesn’t need power to stay good, and makes it a better choice for emergencies.

I didn’t find any negative after effects after eating the food. I wasn’t any thirstier than after eating any other food. I didn’t get a stomach ache or feel bad like I might after poor quality food in a restaurant or store. I could see myself eating these on a regular basis. I wish I had them in the past instead of TV dinners.

This is really a nice alternative to TV dinners or junk food for people. You will be glad you tried this out.

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