Mac feeling slow? Time for a full system reinstall

Is your Mac feeling slow? Time for a full system reinstall.

My mac was feeling slow. It would hesitate and just be difficult to use. I considered buying a new laptop, but I thought I should see if I can reinstall and see if that helps. It has. I had upgraded for years and normally the upgrade process made it faster. However with some updates it had gotten slower. I think the standard should be to reinstall your computer every two years for best performance.

My personal laptop is a 2012 MacBook Pro. It felt so fast when new, but like all things, faster computers make things feel slow. I would have loved any of these computers now when I was growing up. Any laptop I would have loved to have. It would be so great to be able to take it and enjoy life in many places while doing creative things with it.

It is interesting that when I use computers all day, they feel slow to me. I think the more that you use technology the more you get used to a certain level. When I use most PC’s they seem slow to me. They get stuck with multitasking, they bog down on things that macs easily handle. It is surprising how entrenched windows computers are isn’t it?

So how do you do a system reinstall? You hold down command option and R at startup. It walks you through the process very easily. Then you just sit back and wait for the party to finish. With my fast verizon fios connection it downloaded in six minutes. The last time I did this, it was at least 20 minutes to download the OS. Then it took 21 minutes to install. So 30 minutes is a reasonable time a reinstall.

Yes windows computer can be faster with a reinstall. However after using Windows computers all day I don’t want to use it at night. It is a pleasure to use a mac even if Apple is running it into the ground.

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