Helping to give others their voice

Helping to give others their voice

One of the touching things about the 8th habit is that once you find your voice, you can help others gain theirs.

I had the privilege to help many people gain their voice. I even had them tell me that it was my encouragement and example that helped them stand up for themselves. What a great feeling that was.

Why am I sharing this with you? I think all of us can find great value and benefit by helping others express themselves. I have noticed that while people will advocate for their causes like faith, politics or whatever, they have a hard time speaking up for themselves in a healthy way. I think that when you share healthy examples of respectful behaviors others can learn from it.

I am not painting myself as an example. I am saying that even the worst person can be an example of things not to do. I have had coworkers share that they learned things from me. I think we all can learn things from each other no matter what our level is.

When you find your voice you will realize your truth. Yes that sounds new age. Your truth is what is true for you. It doesn’t need to be verifiably true. Its not like math or love. Its not something you have to prove or feel. It is something that when you speak it, you know it is true for you.

For example, I know it is true for me that my sensitivity can also be my weakness. I can take things personally that are not personal. It doesn’t mean it is bad or good. It just is. You realize things about yourself and you don’t judge yourself, you just accept it. It is just who you are, and you can speak or be anything other than you are.

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