Touching documentary called Go Back to Where you are from

Touching documentary called Go Back to Where you are from

I have been watching a touching documentary called Go Back to Where you are from. It explores the refuge and immigration question for Australia.

It is remarkable how the language used is the same as the language used in the United States. Ignorance speaks the same language. What else is remarkable is the inequality, the unfairness, the ignorance of the situation. You can’t watch this show and wonder why people can be so hateful and hurtful towards others. It is so hard to imagine people who believe they have the right to hurt others.

You also see people who have led a life of ease and safety enter the life of desperation and pain. They can’t handle it. They who had such definite opinions of what life should be. You can’t watch this show and not cry and feel sad for people. Sad because it doesn’t have to be this way, and why do people make these choices?

It makes no sense. Why do people allow others to live in such a poor condition? Why are those in power so oblivious to the condition and suffering of others? One of my favorite episodes from the tv show The Twilight Zone has a ignorant racist making fun of Jews. When he leaves the bar he travels back in time to WW2 and transforms into a Jew. He is hunted down because he is a Jew and he experiences the life of a Jew and being hunted and killed.

I love that in that show that person experienced the life of those he made fun of. I wish often that others could have the experience of the people they make fun of. It is a weakness of our freedom that we are free to say and do ignorant things that hurt others. Freedom doesn’t mean that you don’t have responsibilities. One of the basic responsibilities we have is to give every human the chance to live a life.

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