Less webpage views more LinkedIn views

Less webpage views more LinkedIn views

Many companies have discovered that by publishing on Facebook they get a bigger audience engaging with them than having their own website. It seems this is true for individuals as well.

My LinkedIn views everyday are higher than my webpage views. This isn’t to brag, but rather to state that the audience here has been kind to me.

I think that the convenience is the main reason the views are higher on LinkedIn. I think that if more people knew about RSS feeds, they would use them and then platforms like LinkedIn/Facebook would lose much of their appeal. There are always companies that try to make things easier but also they make many other things more difficult as well.

It is fun to see your post climb in views. It gives you a good feeling that you are saying something worthwhile. Not everyone will appreciate what I share, but when you tend to keep to a certain level and even slowly grow, it does make you feel you are heading in the right direction.

I don’t write to get views. I write about things that I believe in and think will be helpful to others. It is a challenge to write something interesting because many more intelligent people than I have said beautiful and useful things. One of my gifts I think is breaking things down to its most simple. One of my coworkers said that I always explained things in the easiest way to understand. That makes you feel good.

I think the future of platforms like LinkedIn/Facebook is doomed. Not because people will abandon them, but that as software gets more intelligent, the need for these middlemen decrease. Recruiters are creating their own databases of contacts, and one day they will federate with each other and put LinkedIn out of business.

I give LinkedIn/Facebook maybe 10 years before the end is near. Good luck everyone until then.

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