Uncertainty is life and surprising things

Uncertainty is life and surprising things

It is hard for people to be comfortable with the uncertainty in life, but we really have no choice.

We think that change threatens us, but it the lack of change that destroys. We see this everyday in companies that are managed badly. We see this in politicians who believe that the way we did things in the past is the way we should always do things. We see this in our own refusal to change and hang on to ideas and feelings that don’t help us.

Which makes it all the most interesting that we see companies doing things that they have never done before. For example, there are rumors that Apple is preparing a low cost iPad and Air new model. This is a huge change from Apple. Apple might also be discontinuing the iPhone X at its $1000 price point. All this leads to something I never thought I would see. An Apple that is competing on price.

What else is strange is that democrats and republicans were working together to pass a bill. I love it when people can see past their ideology and do what is going to help the most numbers of people. In this area, the white house didn’t seem to have any power because of the unity of the politicians. It was surprising that someone who is supposed to be powerful, “give up”. Strange how people make decisions in what they think is the best interest of everyone.

What else is interesting is Dave Lettermen’s series. Every episode is just packed with touching and inspiring things. For example Dave said that he helps people to be selfish. He said he does it because it makes him feel good. I wish everyone was selfish in that way. What do you have to do that is selfish and helps other people?

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