Everyone online is a critic

Everyone online is a critic

Have you noticed that everyone online is a critic?

I’m not saying that they have an opinion. Everyone has an opinion. I am saying that people tend to find fault, and feel smarter when they find fault with others.

I don’t feel smarter when I find fault with others. I feel that I am missing something. When others who have more experience, wisdom or thoughtfulness create something, it becomes a job to figure out why they choose the reasons they did. Rather than criticize someone we should ask why they made the choice they did, and we would learn much more.

It is surprising isn’t it? We complain that others don’t understand us, and its true they don’t. Yet, we don’t ask questions of others so that we can understand them. Steve Covey said “seek first to understand then be understood.” This has been critical to my success. When you ask others you learn, and the more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn.

I go online and read overwhelming critical and judgmental that people do of people and situations they don’t have a right to do. They show everything about their own character when they judge others. It always helps others and yourself when you approach things with kindness rather than harshness. I don’t understand why this isn’t more obvious to others?

I think its because in the US culture what is perceived as alpha are people who argue and try to convince others of their point of view. I think people online are so desperate and frustrated trying to convince others to their own point of view that why people are crazy online. I talk to many people online who throw people away as thought they only have value as they can entertain someone else. What about people having value in their own right?

Don’t you exist and have value even if you don’t entertain or are convinced by the opinion of another? Maybe we would all be happier if we stopped trying to convince others, and instead just listened.


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