The Purple Royal cushion can help your back

The Purple Royal cushion can help your back

I’ve been trying out something called the Purple Royal cushion for the past few days and I have to say it has been great.

I have used it on every surface I have sat on and it has eliminated any discomfort I felt on sitting. Sometimes surfaces are not supportive, but with this I haven’t felt any back pain since I started sitting on it. When I drove in this morning normally I would feel some lower back pain when I got to work but I didn’t feel that this morning. In addition instead of a cold seat it insulated me from the seat and I didn’t even need to turn on the seat warmer which takes time to heat up. So it was a double benefit.

I also bought the lumbar back support and used that in the car this morning. That worked great as well. I have to say after sitting in many car seats, this comes the closest to the Volvo seat comfort that I have found. It was really great not feeling any pressure anyway while sitting. I am going to buy another one now so that I can have one at work and home and not have to move it around.

The other interesting things about this cushion is that it isn’t like any other cushions I have tried in the past. I have tried a variety of foam, memory foam and all kinds of stuff like that. None of those felt supportive and yet giving. I didn’t realize how often my back felt bad until I had a recent massage. You kind of don’t notice things when they are small issues at first.

Now I want to buy the Purple mattress. I think that would be a wonderful experience based on how this experience has been. I had looked at them before I bought the cushion and I was trying to decide. I like that they offer a money back guarantee. No I am not getting a benefit from writing this, I just wanted to share something I found useful with you.

Well off to order another cushion. Finally something that helps and is affordable for everyone.

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