Don’t bring up the past

Don’t bring up the past

No one wants to be reminded of the past. Especially when you were right about something.

I don’t talk about the past. That is one of my rules. If someone wants to reference something in the past, I say I live in the present and address present things only. If they insist, I leave. I don’t do anything when someone insists I do it. I do things because I am convinced that is the kind thing to do.

People often bring up the past in order to prove they are right, or in order to prove you are wrong. I will save you time. I don’t care if I am right or wrong. What I care about is that we both treat each other with kindness, no matter who was right or wrong.

I think that the way people often treat each other is horrible. They beat each other up mentally, and then ask the other person to love them. You can’t love someone when they are constantly criticizing you. There is an old Russian proverb “Faults are thick were love is thin.” I don’t want to criticize, not because I think the other person is perfect, but because I accept that person with their faults and strengths.

I don’t understand why more people don’t realize this. We don’t live and love and exist because we are faultless ourselves. Often the greatest thing we can do is forgive others. Yet, how easy do we make this when we constantly need to be “right” or “prove the other wrong.”? It doesn’t help to be right, if that means you aren’t happy.

Bring up the past if you want to separate yourself from others. Bring up the past if your ego needs that kind of stroking. Bring it up if you just like stirring the pot. Don’t fool yourself that you are accomplishing anything useful. You are just wasting your own time and others.

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