Having coworkers leave

Its tough to have coworkers leave you really respect, but I am happy they have a great opportunity when they do.

I once worked at a place where someone left who had been with the company for 8 years. It was wonderful to see all the people who respected him and all the compliments and rewards he got for being himself. He deserved it and it was nice to see people giving to him in a small way of the way he had given to them.

More importantly change is just something that we have to embrace as part of life. It is not easy adjusting and letting things go, but the happiest people seem the most able to accept and see the benefits of change. For example, once he left the knowledge that he had was shared with the rest of the team and it helped everyone to grow. Plus rather than him being pigeonholed into something, he got a great opportunity for training and growth.

I really believe you can learn something from everyone you meet. I look for chances to learn by listening and trying to ask intelligent questions. Today for example I learned about OneNote. It has a strange way of working, but slowly Microsoft’s logic starts to make sense.

Going back to the topic of having coworkers leave it strikes me that in a way people who try other things in their life inspires other people. His leaving changed managements view of the work load, and it brought along additional resources. I am glad that those changes happened. It helped everyone that it was no longer “business as usual”. Eventually his departure ultimately strengthened the company, because everyone had to grow and learn new skills. One of the downsides of loyalty in IT is that it often short-circuits a process and when a key person leaves, it gives an opportunity to work out a better process.

I’m glad of change, and I’m glad of learning. Aren’t we lucky life changes?

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