Verizon FIOS working pretty good

Verizon FIOS working pretty good

I had coworkers who used Verizon FIOS so I thought I would try it. So far so good.

I didn’t get the top of the line gigabyte connection. I just got the 100 package. Still since my last Internet connection was only 10 it feels completely different.

I play an online game with a PS4 and it did load faster and play faster. I always thought that was just a Sony slowness problem. What is even better is that of course it is faster, it also has 1/3 the latency. Why is this important? When you are playing a game especially with other people I used to experience lag quite often. Hopefully this will reduce or eliminate that problem.

It is hard to be cheap and have a good online experience. The funny thing is that even though this is the fastest internet connection I have ever had, it is also the cheapest. So for those points it wins. Of course time makes everything faster and cheaper, but still it is a nice combination.

Most of my internet connections have been DSL. However when I have frequently moved, I have had the experience of many ISP’s which I have shared with you. I have used cable modems which seem more reliable than DSL in rainy and bad weather. I have used business class DSL which frankly doesn’t seem to be any more reliable than residential DSL. I have used 100 MB pipes at companies with a fiber connection which is always a lovely experience. I have to say that this connection feels just as fast as those 100 fiber connections. Now I know that there is 5 ms more latency on my home connection, but I can’t tell that. Perhaps if I had VOIP I might notice, but I don’t have that so it is not an issue.

Will I increase the speed to a gigabyte? I don’t know. I am very happy with this at the moment. What would make me do that? I might be curious and see if I could do it for a limited time like a month. Probably though until I find something that needs it like VR or something I will keep what I have. Good job Verizon!

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