Obama and Letterman on Netflix

Obama and Letterman on Netflix

I used to think that only Dick Cavett could appreciate and bring out the guests inner beauty. I was wrong, Dave Lettermen did that with Obama.

You can’t help but feel proud of both Obama and Letterman. Their wonderful example and life show a compassionate and kind view of the world. Once again it is a contest to see who is the most humble. Dave said that his entire life is “luck” and Obama feels that he was lucky as well. They showed what men are at their finest, and how hollow many well-known men are.

What is striking also in this interview is that they love their families and wives. They don’t brag about anything in their life. If anything, they point out the difficulties that exist in the world, and what they can do to help improve things. Honestly I don’t know who is more valuable now and in the future. Dave for educating people, or Obama for training leaders.

Watching this was emotional for me. It was emotional because beyond the positive things they did in the world, they shared personal experiences they had with people who changed history. We also saw tweets of people criticizing these people who made history. It was like night and day. You can’t imagine people having the same self-reflection as they do.

I have written before that I admire Obama and Letterman. Part of my sense of humor was based on the zany and silly sense of humor that Letterman has. From Obama I have had dreams of him and admire the work he is doing in Chicago now. I can’t imagine my life without their influence. Perhaps I would have chosen someone else to base my sense of humor on, but few people have given such a good example of being an intelligent and funny man.

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