Weather extremes and technology that protects us

Weather extremes make you very grateful for technology. I often wonder how early man survived without the technology we have today.

Did you know that at one point during the ice age, the human race only had about 9,000 members? It would have been an easy thing for us to become extinct. Yet we survived through conditions that I can’t even begin to imagine. How did we survive without technology?

I think first through lots of suffering. Even with layers of animal skins, there had to be lots of exposure and frostbite. I bet as well that we had lots of fat to protect us and the skinny person didn’t survive. Probably in that age, the person who had the lowest standards survived. They could eat anything, they could wear anything, and they could bear anything.

Completely different to how we are now. Now we are so privileged to have heating, clothes, entertainment and food that when extreme weather happens for most of us it is no big deal. Unfortunately there are always those who don’t have those material resources to handle weather so well. The UN had a report that said those people in 3rd world nations would be hit hardest by climate change and weather extremes.

I’m not here to debate climate change. It is a fact that we have had more volatile weather the past few years. Isn’t it interesting that the technology that helped create this weather is also our chance to fix it?

When it is cold I think of the early american Indians and how they survived in teepees and other crude buildings. I wonder how people survive even in the US now and many people don’t. As a society we shouldn’t make money be the determining factor of why some people survive and some don’t.

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