iPhone 6 replaced for $150

iPhone 6 replaced for $150

I have had multiple problems with my iPhone 6 for years and today Apple offered to replace it with a new iPhone 6 for $150. Of course I jumped at the chance.

It wasn’t an easy process however. I had just spend an hour trying to get the random multi touch issues to appear. Everyday my iPhone would not respond to my touch, and that is called Multi touch issues. I would have to force it to shut down and then start it back up. However when I took it in for my appointment it wasn’t displaying the problem. Understandably the person couldn’t replace a problem they can’t verify, so I said that I would play with the phone until the problem occurred.

About an hour later I was able to recreate the problem just by randomly using the phone. At that point I was hungry and frustrated and wanted to speak to the manager. I had spent time on Saturday a few days ago talking with a store representative to find out if the battery program was available at my local store. He said yes, but couldn’t confirm if the battery/phone parts would be available for my model.

So the original genius who offered to help me was on break, and another one offered to help. I explained what was done and that I worked in IT and did all of the troubleshooting steps that one would do to fix an issue. She tested it and looked at the logs and listened as I described how I would click on programs to start them and they wouldn’t start. Or if they did start, it would be a black screen. I even offered to pay the $29 to replace the battery to see if that would help the issue.

Then she said something that shocked me. She asked if it would be ok if she just replaced the entire phone for $150. I was thrilled. When I took the same iPhone to another Apple store 2 months ago they said that it would cost $300 to fix it. I declined at that time of course. Spending $300 on a phone when new ones cost $500 is a silly choice.

My hope is that this phone will last a few more years before I have to replace it. One thing that I would not do however is buy another iPhone if Apple didn’t solve this and take responsibility. The older I get the less impressed I am with Apple. They used to be so generous with repairs and they get more stingy with age. I wonder why they didn’t just give people replacement batteries since they originally said the battery will last the life of the phone?

Anyway, I am sharing this to help you when you go in and get your battery replaced. Good luck.

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