Troubleshooting Air Display for the mac

Troubleshooting Air Display for the mac

I spoke about Air Display before as a way to share two different mac screens wirelessly. I had a problem with it the last time I tried to use it, so I thought I would share the troubleshooting and steps I took that fixed it.

First I updated the computers. One of the laptops wasn’t up to date. I have noticed that the screen kept disconnecting so I restarted the computer. When I restarted it applied updates. Then after that was done, I went to make sure there were not more updates to apply. Even after this was done, it didn’t work.

Second I turned off and turned back on the software. It was slow to respond so I restarted again after turning one two of the preferences. This time it connected but the screen looked very small. So I turned off the option to use the HDMI scaling.

Third I rebooted the wireless router that was connecting them. The router was some no name brand that TWC had provided. It has issues regularly so it seemed a reasonable thing to do.

Then it started working! I was so excited to be back to full functionality again.

Often troubleshooting is just trying things until you find something that works. Yes of course there is a logical order, but its not always clear where to start. I try to start by thinking what the programmer/developer probably assumes for his application to work. Does it have the requirements? Has the requirements changed with a new version? Has something changed from when it last worked?

Thats why I started doing these steps in this order. I have also found that software issues tend to be more common than hardware ones. Although in this issue, the wireless router is a hardware issue that I believe was also happening. I believe that because I was using the PS4 and an online game and it was slow and glitchy as well. So it was a combination of evidence really. You always have to test and question your assumptions with technology.

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