Understanding Autism-The Reason I Jump

Understanding Autism-The Reason I Jump

I watched a touching documentary on Autism today on NHK about the person who wrote The Reason I Jump. He has autism and it was really wonderful to see that he was able to find a way to communicate, even with his difficulties.

What was touching is that the view of the world he has is unspoiled by the over intellectualism that often happens with people. It is great to understand things, but intellect just like too much emotion distorts the meaning and experience of things. I found his words to be poetic, and found myself crying at the things he was trying to express in real life.

For that reason I found the audiobook online and have linked to it here. It is my hope that people will learn about Autism and appreciate the different points of view that people can have.

I should also probably share that one woman I dated accused me of being autistic. She said her brother has it, so she wanted to see it in other people. When I disagreed with her, I could tell that there could never be relationship between us. She was too crazy to see the obvious truth. I just respectfully found a way to leave, and even though she got mad, I am glad I ducked that bullet.

I have seen people in real life who have autism and it difficult for the parents. I can understand why they would be frustrated and embarrassed. The hopeful thing this documentary said was that doctors expect to find a treatment or cure for it in 20 or so years. I hope that we can find a cure for every disease. I hope that one day the only reason people die is because they want to, not because they are forced to.

However even if we don’t find a cure to this disease, I like the tone it sets to treat people who have health conditions. Rather than feel sorry and cry, we should treat them with respect and love and relaxed and happy around them. People feel the emotional state of others, and one of the best gifts we can give someone is a calm and reassuring presence. The author of this book said the same thing in his advice to parents of kids with autism. He said they don’t want to feel they are a burden, and to treat them as equals as much as possible. I think thats a good remember for everyone.

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