I have written about Windows 10 before, but after using it full-time, it is better than Windows 7.

No I don’t like the privacy issues with Windows 10. I do like however that they have added features and it does seem faster on the same hardware. That is always nice. Windows 7 always seemed like it was pausing even on the most modern hardware, which is kind of annoying when its your tool for your job.

I didn’t buy it for personal use, it is a decision that a company makes. I use whatever OS the company uses. You can’t fix user issues unless you have the same system as they do. I know that many system administrators prefer using a different operating system, but that isn’t fair.

So why do I say it is better? Well for starters, it is faster on the same hardware. Then that means that people are more efficient. It is easier I think for people to use. Things are not as hidden as they are in Windows 7. It seems to recognize more things instantly, which is more Mac-like.

One of my favorite things though is that is looks nicer. Windows has always looked ugly. The fonts, colors, so many terrible design choices they do. They still made bad design choices, but they are less terrible than the past. It will never look as cute as a Mac, but the interface is coming along. They are coping more Mac stuff like the search and that helps people.

So should you move to 10 if you have 7? Its your choice. There are pros and cons against it. I tend to want to keep current, so that I am protected by the latest security. This makes more sense to keep current if you have financial or private information on it. If you don’t do anything but play games on the Internet or browse, than keep whatever you like.