Toyota makes things less reliable

Toyota makes things less reliable. Let me share something that recently happened to me.

The keys for my used Toyota broke. It happens. Thats ok that it breaks. Keys see tons of use. The downside is that these keys have a computer controlled chip in them, which means a trip to the dealer.

The dealer says that it will cost $300. $225 for the keys and $75 for labor. Ok. Its steep but at least they will last a few more years right? I get the new keys and the plastic is cheaper and thinner than the last keys that broke. It is clear that they didn’t fix the problem, just made it worse with cheaper parts.

So then I have to conclude that Toyota doesn’t want to solve problems, it just wants to sell things. Now some of you will say that is businesses job, but for a company that says they are about quality, that doesn’t work.

So what is the harm for charging excessively for keys and giving you a inferior product? Well this is a long string in a line of problems I’ve had with Toyota. I used to think they were the best car company. The first Toyotas that I had were more reliable than the Volvo I first owned. However, after having them for years, they have gotten progressively worse. Their technology enables them to cheapen things, and that is not for the customers benefit.

So I have concluded that I am tired of being abused by Toyota. I am tired of getting things “fixed” only to have the fixes be worse than the original. I have bought multiple Toyota/Lexus cars in my life and I have been disappointed with them. Not disappointed in the way that I didn’t like their color or how they made me feel. I am disappointed in how they barely function, and how everything that Toyota adds to them makes them worse.

I grew up with unreliable domestic cars, and all the cars of the 70’s/80’s were pretty unreliable. Now the most reliable car is Porche and its seriously tempting me. I don’t know if I will buy one, but I am done with the Japanese experience. I will no longer buy Japanese goods or goods sold by a Japanese firm and this is the reason why.

It just doesn’t make any sense. When Koreans get better marks on quality, and even a German Porche is better, Toyota is like Honda used to be. At one point maybe a decent option, but they have rested on their laurels for too long to purchase any longer.

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