Amazing Hotels shows our technological wonder

The show Amazing Hotels shows our technological wonder. Technology is bring luxury to another level.

We see in this show hotels only built because of the technology of computer design, advanced materials, and all the things that science brings. We see engineered loads, shapes that were previously too complex to engineer, industrial machines never before possible.

All of this gives an otherworldly experience to the few guests who have the money to afford it. It also turns the normal person into a subservient person, who often is working from hidden passages and underground tunnels. It can’t help but make you think of the book The Time Machine with the Morlocks and Eloi. Their bodies changed after time required different things from them.

This is about the technology however. Technology seems to me best used when increasing the standard of living. However what we see in this show, is that technology increases the standard of living for a few, and makes it worse for everyone else.

For example, we see due to technology that things can be run with military precision. While this makes controlling managers feel good and profits reliable, it also takes much of the magic and humanness out of the equation. Indeed, the residents of some of these hotels admired the efficiency, but felt sad at the loss of the humanness of a less efficient operation.

So this is interesting isn’t it? Rich people want a luxury experience and efficiency, but they also want to feel the magic and specialness of the random chance. So how can technology provide this? It can’t. As those hotels become more mechanized, we see the effect on the staff and the guests. They may have luxury, and the best of everything, but no one looks comfortable or happy.

Technology they are surrounded in. They ride in a Bentley or use technology that is cutting edge. They are surrounded by everything they can want, but it never seems enough. No matter how perfect everything is, they guests want more. At some point consumption is no longer valid. It can not be valid when it is limitless. Technology can not fill that limitless void. It is strange that we even try to.

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