Japan used to be known for quality. Not any longer.

Repeated scandals from Mitsubishi, Kobe Steel, Nissan, Subaru and Takata falsifying data. How can we trust Japan anymore? Right now Takata has had 20 deaths due to their lies.

I really respected and admired Japanese culture. Even though they have some issues, they seemed to be the blueprint for the future. Now it seems that they are just as human as the rest of us, and the future of business seems to be hiding lies.

Not just falsified data, but also hiding things such as illegal activities. Uber was breached and paid hackers 100,000 not to tell. I shared before that I worked at a company and the management hid a hackers activities from its owners. I believe every company I have worked at has engaged in illegal activities. When I brought those concerns up to my managers I was told “that was just how they did business.” I don’t work for companies that are unethical, so my exit was decided then.

This goes back to what I have always believed and experienced. You can’t keep anything secret forever. The truth eventually comes out. No matter how quiet and back room something is done in, somehow, someone talks.

What is happening to us a society when we value short-term behavior over long-term benefit? Does anyone believe that any company that engages in illegal behavior is a healthy company? People are slowly becoming more aware of how their actions can change things. It was the strong response of US citizens to health care that saved that system from changing. When will people see that decisions that hurt someone else, hurt ourselves as well?

So I know some of you will be saying “Come on, no harm was done right? Its just data that doesn’t fit. No one has died from it right?” The truth to that answer is we don’t know. We don’t know where that steel, cars and other parts that have been falsified are. We don’t know when they will fail, and who might get hurt. We do so many things as a society with a complete disregard for the health and safety of our fellow humans. We release drugs, vitamins, technologies without adequate testing. We allow the manufacture to pay for studies to prove their safety. We don’t adequately oversight the billions of dangerous things we have. Yet we sell things that are more dangerous than things we say are safe.

Its a mad world and buyer beware is not adequate to assist people in making healthy and safe decisions. We need more certainty in products and less scandals.

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