Silly characters for halloween

Silly characters for halloween

Halloween at work can be fun if you go as a silly character. Today I am Ralph from Greatest American Hero.

What I loved about this show growing up is the idea of feeling powerful to change the world. It would have been incredible to have powers that could help so many people. I didn’t want to be a hero, but I did want to reduce the suffering that I saw each day.

I think that is what the essence of a hero is. Not that they dress a certain way, or “save” people. It seems to me that kindness, compassion and forgiveness are the things that separate the men from the boys.

Another Halloween I went as Fred Flintstone. I dyed my hair black, took off my shoes, and had a killer outfit. My coworkers loved it. I even did Yabba Dabba do. You know go all the way. It brought laughter to lots of people.

Here is why being silly is so important in the office. There is often so much stress and pressure, that any kind of silliness is appreciated and laughter at. I have to say that I have had many people laugh at my Halloween outfits, which is great. It is exactly what I am going for. At times my pride says “What am I doing making myself look so silly?” Then I know that I need to wear this costume even more. I don’t know about you, but I think most of us need a reminder to be humble, because human nature tends to lean towards pride I think.

One of the cultures that I love is the Japanese. They have many faults as a society, but I love their humbleness. When I watch NHK master craftsmen say things like “I am not very good” and mean it. They see their craft as a lifelong journey, and have ridiculous standards. In contrast, many of us only view our jobs as a paycheck, with very few people I’ve met who are passionate about what they do.

I’m not telling you how to life. I am sharing with you what makes my life meaningful. Making others laugh is a great joy.

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