I had a friend want to use a MacAir as a second display. I found a great program that was easy to setup, and works great. It is called Air Display.

For only $9.99 at the Apple App Store, you can use a second monitor, iPad, laptop, whatever for extra screen space. In windows it is called an “extended desktop”. That means, its is like one big monitor. If you have ever had double monitors at work, this is the same thing. Being able to share multiple screens is a huge help and this program allows you to do that.

It is pretty easy. You just install their software on the computer you want the display to be extended on. Then on the computer you are sharing from you install their driver. Then you restart your computer, and it works! I tested this last night and it worked great. It was really neat to be able to see windows put on a second display wirelessly. There was a small lag, but since it is wireless it was acceptable. You could have no lag if you choose to connect the two computers with a usb cable, but that kind of takes away from the magic of wireless.

This is a mature product that has been around for awhile. It clearly has won the approval and support of users. I like that at the top of the screen you can easily switch this on or off. That was a good idea to make things easier for their users. I honestly can’t think of anyway that I would improve this software. Perhaps make the driver installation automatic, but I don’t know how that could be done.

I looked at many options to do this. Many of the current choices are iPad only, or have less of a company history/product history than this. The challenge with 3rd party Mac software is that often companies die when Apple integrates their functionality into their OS. So you end up paying for something that is eventually standard. Then those companies die. I hope that doesn’t happen to this company. They have done a great job with this software.