Windows computers becoming less safe to use

Windows computers becoming less safe to use

If you work in IT, you see that Windows computers are becoming less safe to use. Here is why.

The rate at which malware can affect Windows computers is increasing. Microsoft continues to release record number of security fixes. This means that using a Windows computer now is more dangerous than ever.

I said before that using a Mac has only had one virus in all the time I have used it. In contrast I have gotten all kinds of problems using a windows computer and plenty of security software. It has been time consuming to use a Windows computer, because it is guaranteed that every year I have to reinstall and reset up everything.

Yes, working in IT this is expected. However for the average person Microsoft recommends a yearly reinstall at well. No person wants to do this. They just buy a new computer and live with a computer that is terrible for years.

This is not to say that Mac’s don’t have issues. Nothing is perfect. I wish that Macs had better game support. I would not have bought a PS4 if they could play games better. It is silly that Apple can’t simply accept working with developers. Apple has always been controlling, and that has hurt as much as it has helped them.

So what can you do if you have a windows computer? I personally would give it away and buy something else. Not necessarily a mac, but windows is not a good choice anymore. I would argue it never was a good choice unless you want to work in IT.

Ok, you don’t want a Mac, linux is not a possibility, what can you use? I guess if I wasn’t an IT person I might try a tablet. I am not a fan of android, but the iPad had its own issues. We really need a new choice in an OS that supports all software and hardware. Perhaps one day when Apple buys Microsoft this will no longer be an issue.

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