Verizon can’t always activate your iPhone/iPad

Verizon can’t always activate your iPhone/iPad. I discovered this today when I called them.

I had an iPad that I wanted to activate. The customer service person had great difficulty trying to get it activated. Normally it is done in a minute or so. She finally tells me that the Verizon system is “updating” and won’t be able to activate anyone for 3 hours.

So this is interesting in several ways. I don’t ever recall having AT&T being unable to activate a device. It is possible their update time is sometime that I never tried to update a device. It also means that if it takes 3 hours to update, then they must be reloading something from scratch. It also must mean that that other customers were affected, and the customer service person confirmed this. So at many companies they activate devices all day long, and for this to happen during the day is inconvenient to their members. Which isn’t a surprise, because big companies don’t care about their customers and this is another example of that.

The other reason I am writing about this now is that as iPhones/iPad become more critical, this kind of delay is unacceptable. Hospitals, police use iPhones and for a switch of sim cards, timing could be essential. It is clear that for critical uses, there need to be multiple devices, and not trust on the simple sim card activation that usually happens.

In many companies they have an extra supply of sim cards so that when they go bad, they can pop one in and get back on track. Now companies don’t do this, and prefer instead to go to a store, or have one mailed to them. So this is a change in how prepared companies are for these devices. The downside of having reliable sim cards is that it is hard to argue to have a spare one since this rarely happens.

Doesn’t it seem that much of management today is taking the chance and not being prepared when there is a foreseeable problem? I find this irritating to not prepare in every-way for known issues. I think the value of IT is having a Plan B, C, and all the way to Z if necessary.

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