Dentists are not honest with patients and we suffer because of it.

I watched a MarketPlace CBC documentary about dentists. It was very surprising. What I learned is that there is very little science in dentistry, and the patient suffers because of it.

Now I am sure this will anger Dentists who say they have 8 years of education, and could have been a doctor. Yes that is true. What is also true is that there is no oversight for Dentists, and for that reason, they take advantage of people and have hurt more than helped people.

A strong accusation? Not really. The facts are that every-time investigative reporting on Dentists is done, the majority of Dentists have lied to their patients. These lies not only cost money, but more importantly they needlessly subject people to unnecessary pain and suffering. Why? To enhance the profit of the dentist. The doctors first law is first do no harm. I guess in the US it should say “If you need to make a profit, it doesn’t matter if you do harm”.

I have an upcoming dentist appointment and thinking back about all of the times I have been their patient, I am disappointed with them. They have suggested multiple things that I did that were not true, and used fear and uncertainty to sell them. Now the ADA, American Dentistry Association says that it is not necessary for yearly X-rays. No dentist has ever informed me of that. There are also authoritative studies that show that flossing has slight to no value. My point here is that the average patient doesn’t have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Therefore I think it is reasonable to avoid dentists and seek alternative treatment. I will use NMT which has fixed many issues for me, and will not trust anything a dentist says. This is not a reaction to a few dentists that were dishonest. This is a result of every dentist that I have ever used in my life, not giving me the facts and telling me the options of my treatment. I have had x-rays almost every year I have visited a dentist, and studies show that increases my chances of cancer. A patient has the right to choose.

I am going to cancel my dentist appointment. They aren’t going to take any more unnecessary money from me.

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