Apple doesn’t care about the user experience

I learned yesterday that Apple doesn’t care about the user experience.

I have an iPhone 6+ and always had problems with it. In the first month Apple replaced the phone because it was non responsive. This is a known issue with iPhone 6+ models. Since having it, it had all kinds of issues, and no amount of troubleshooting fixed the problem.

So I accepted that my phone had issues and dealt with it. Now I should remind you the gentle reader, that this is not a cheap phone. When it was bought new it was around $900.

I was in the Apple store yesterday working on an iPad that wouldn’t update to the latest iOS version. It gave a -9 error. No amount of troubleshooting could fix this problem either. So I made an appointment and the Apple genius takes it in the back room. About 5 minutes later he comes back and said it is broken, and he is replacing it with a new iPad. Great.

Since I am at the Apple store I figure why not ask about my iPhone? I described the problem, and he looked at the logs on the phone and he said that it would cost $329 to replace the phone. Well it had already been replaced, and that didn’t fix the problem. Since the phone is several years old, it doesn’t make sense to pay to buy a new phone. I told him I would think about it.

I went home and thought I could try contacting someone at Apple and explaining the situation. I did a chat and the results of that were pathetic. That person said that if the Apple store person made a determination, then that is the decision. Which goes counter to all of my experience with Apple. Apple store and apple on the phone have come to different conclusions on the same problem, and neither department is exclusively correct.

Why am I sharing this with you? Mostly because I wanted to share the helpful and unhelpful things that Apple does. Am I going to buy any Apple stuff in the future? No. I think Apple has shown itself that a customer who has taken care of his phone and done more than his share of troubleshooting to fix issues, doesn’t matter. I don’t care if Apple reads this or not. They have lost one long time supporter.

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