Bluetooth headphones and iPhone 6

I have a bluetooth headphone and an iPhone 6. They work pretty well together. However bluetooth in cars is terrible.

Why do I say this? In almost every car I have driven that offers bluetooth connection it wasn’t reliable, was hard to pair, or didn’t pair. This was also seen in the customers that I have helped. Their expensive luxury cars had problems connecting to bluetooth iPhones, Android smartphones and other devices.

I can understand why car manufactures don’t bother to test for bluetooth or compatibility. They subcontract the entertainment unit to another company, and whatever those features are, thats it. A few car companies try to create their own systems like Ford and Toyota, but most go with industry standard models like UConnect or so on.

Does this mean that Ford and Toyota bluetooth is better? No, in fact I have used both and they are worse. They don’t spend the money on research and testing, and so using them is frustrating. I can’t imagine how the average person deals with car technology.

In fact I sort of do understand it. I was in a lease luxury car and they have special people who are dedicated to giving the customers a good experience with the technology in the car. Unfortunately those people knew less about the system than I did, and I was just a beginner. It is very difficult to get people who are experienced with new systems that constantly change. When I asked for help at the dealer for the problems I had, they didn’t have anyone who could help me. So I figured it out and told them the solution.

This is not the experience you want customers to have. If you can’t support what you sell, then you shouldn’t be selling it. As much as I love technology in cars, I am disappointed by the poor support.

If you buy a car and they can’t support what you have bought, I will never buy from that company again. I might end up driving a Yugo, but I don’t support companies with bad support.


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