Book Review: Carson by Henry Bushkin

Generally I liked this book. I thought it was interesting the side of Carson that he didn’t allow others to see. Many of the amazon reviews of this book talk about how it is a “kiss and tell” or trashy tabloid. I don’t like tabloids, but to be honest, I don’t see how it could be written any other way. What Carson did was what tabloids specialize in. I am not judging him, just saying that not acknowledging the truth of who he is, ultimately diminishes him as a person.

Do I want to judge Carson? No. It is unfortunate that people who have money do such self-destructive things. ┬áDo I wish that he was happier? Of course. It is sad when people don’t give themselves a chance to be happy.

In a larger sense though, most comedians seem to be unhappy and it is unfortunate that many feel this is a necessity. Comedy is often born from pain but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Comedy can also happen from joy, but few comedians seem unable to live these kinds of lives.

If you think of Carson as a wonderful person this book will shatter your view. Is it entirely true? Of course not. However the fact that the author makes himself look selfish and admit it, gives him some credibility. I don’t think this book is as much as trashing Johnny as giving him a chance to explain to others in his life the reason why he made the decisions he did. I hope that the authors loved ones can find a way to forgive him, and he finds a happier way.

However if the author doesn’t, then perhaps his money will be enough to make his life worthwhile. I have to wonder how comforting money is when you don’t have anyone to share it with.

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