Problems all happen at once

Have you noticed in life that sometimes problems all happen at once?

One of the joys of working with technology is that a rule, problems happen every Monday. Usually multiple problems at once. I am not complaining, just sharing what seems to happen in the companies that I have worked for.

Today is no different. Speaking in a larger sense though, it makes sense that Monday would be more busy than other days. When you don’t have IT help for 2 days, sometimes small things become urgent. Also it seems that Monday brings unique problems of its own. Like power problems that don’t seem to happen on weekends.

I don’t think there is any way to prevent Mondays from being stressful for everyone. Part of the problem too is that people tend to forget things when they don’t use them. So it is typical on Monday to get a ton of password reset requests from “forgotten passwords”. It is kind of cute at times that adults who even write down their passwords forget them.

The other side of this coin is that often benefits all happen at once. Like getting a job, or getting a paycheck. Often those benefits happen frequently when we most need them. Or having a relationship that helps you grow and be happy. Those are also a wonderful gift that gives you far more than any material things. Or having lessons in life help you to find happier ways to life. We don’t plan the lessons in our life, but we can learn them and not have to repeat them.

I think Mondays are like groundhog day in some ways. Often the problems on Monday are due to problems that are avoidable. For example remember how I have mentioned before that you can have a resilient and reliable infrastructure if you only invest enough money? Almost all of the issues that happen on Monday are due to a company not spending enough on its infrastructure. Power problems can be avoided by having long running UPS.

Mondays don’t have to be hell for your company if you only trust your IT and invest.


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