The importance of keeping your iPhone/iPad up to date

The importance of keeping your iPhone/iPad up to date

It is easy to think that because only a few months pass, you don’t have to update your iPhone/iPad. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I helped someone who had iOS 10.1 on their iPad. This was from November 2016. It is now May 2017 about 7 months later and there are 208 security holes that are fixed by the newest iOS version 10.3. That person who had that older iOS version was very vulnerable, and they didn’t realize it.

Of course I don’t expect the end user to understand IT security. They don’t have to. However if you have financial data on your iPhone/iPad like most of us do, then all you have to understand is to be religious with iOS updates. That is, the moment they are available then you should update them.

It is surprising isn’t it? People take care with their cash and credit cards, but think nothing of buying a phone/ipad and then never updating it. With all the hacking into companies that you hear in the news, I would think that they would want to have the best security they can. The other side of this is that even with the best personal security practices, you can be hacked. However just because something is theoretically possible, doesn’t mean that your own personal responsibility won’t reduce the odds of being hacked.

A few people are very motivated and keep their phones/pads up to date. This is really exciting that people take this initiative. Those people also tend to have less problems with their devices. Generally when someone complains about their iPhone/iPad it is also running an old iOS version and often the fix is a newer version.

It is interesting that people don’t do what they know they should do. Sometimes I wonder if people purposely do the opposite to what is best for them because they like problems. Do you ever wonder this?

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