Underworld, Inc shows failed policies

Underworld, Inc shows failed policies

On Netflix is a showed Called Underworld, Inc. It shows the failed policies as a society in so many ways.

For example, we learn of drug dealers who say that not only do people seek drugs to get high, but because they don’t have health insurance to cover medicine for things like Parkinsons¬†or diabetes. One person said that his insurance gives him a 28 day supply for his medicine, but he is only allowed to get refills every 30 days. What kind of scam is that? If people need the drugs to stay healthy, why is there a 2 day gap?

Watching this show you start to root for the criminals. Not because you want their lifestyle, but they are filling a genuine need. Many of the explanations of why illegal actives are wrong come across as very self serving and illogical.

For example, as a society we spend money on the war on drugs right? Well part of that war wouldn’t happen if we had adequate health insurance for everyone in our society. Also our immigration policy shows its failure here. People who came here illegally don’t go to doctors for fear of deportation so they contribute to an illegal “street pharma” economy. Drugs demand is both due to legitimate reasons and recreational purposes.

We really make our problems. Lets say that we made all drugs legal. Would that help? Yes. It would kill the profit motive for illegal drug distribution, the cost of cops and all the law enforcement. It wouldn’t change the demand for it, but it would change the economics around it.

I can hear the objections. We need to control dangerous drugs and only let trusted people handle them. Those “trusted” people are causing this problem. We see in the show a doctor who is selling his stock of drugs to a drug dealer. There is a tremendous financial opportunity for those right now to sell drugs. Yes, they are a minority, but when you take that away, you take away a huge market.

Pharma companies know that drugs are being illegally diverted. They can see the doctors who sell the most prescriptions. They have ways of finding things out. You have to find ways that for each drug that is diverted, a severe financial penalty applies. What other reason would a drug company only care about legitimate users?

The fact is, that the drug policy we have stinks. We tell people that illegal drugs are bad, but we created the problem. We claim that drugs are the answer rather then changes in lifestyle. We would claim that the easy solution of drugs is better than the hard work of exercise and healthy eating. Our problems as a society are based on our lifestyle, not our genes.

I don’t expect you to agree with me, but just consider how ridiculous drugs are. Drugs are the last resort when other healing methods don’t work. They shouldn’t be the front line of our health.

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