I use Snagit when I want to capture the screen

I use Snagit when I want to capture the screen

I use Snagit when I want to capture the screen on a windows computer.

Of course I could use the free prtsc but it is very limited. In addition because I write lots of documentation I like being able to easily capture small pieces of windows. It really makes a professional looking result and totally worth the price.

Ideally the price would be free because this is such a useful tool. What would be neat is if software could somehow survey the other software on a computer in an anonymous way. Then if the software didn’t include any expensive software like Microsoft Office, run in full mode without a payment. Generally rich people tend to have expensive programs.

What I like most about Snagit is its versatility. It can capture video or any number of things. No I am not getting paid to write this or benefiting in any way. I just have found it to be a useful program when using Windows.

There are other freeware programs that can do screen capture. I like third-party stuff and free stuff and I tend to use them by default. It is really neat to find something that you generally would pay money for. The downside of using that on a computer in a business though is that most companies don’t want to buy third-party utilities. They get afraid when they stray from Microsoft, which is their choice since it is their money. As a private person rarely do you have to buy software anymore. Open source has been a fantastic gift to those who are poor.

So why would I buy this software? Partly because many companies I have worked have used this software. People like it, and when it is popular it tends to survive. It is a nice experience not having to learn new software all the time, so sticking with something that works is worth the money. Would I buy Snagit at a higher price? No, and I think they should reduce the price but I understand if they don’t.

I like supporting developers for the hard work they do in making good software. I also like supporting community minded products like Open source things. I think that there will always be the demand for programs that cost money, but I see that decreasing. When the Apple App store drives down the prices, all companies will feel the pressure. Honestly I don’t believe anything but games in the future can keep a high price up. There are just too many free and excellent choices.

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