Politics to me seems like childish gossip. It isn’t true, but people want to believe it is true.

Don’t worry I am not going to write about politics. I only talk about this because in the course of reading about politics you come across some really interesting facts. Did you know that during the 2013 government shutdown the thousands of miles of boarder we share with Canada was only staffed by one person?

Think about this for a second. Someone made the decision that this was a good idea. We have heard recently that we don’t want gangs to cross our borders. That if we don’t secure the boarder, good hardworking Americans will lose jobs. Yet how often those things are just lies?

During the time that the government wasn’t paying its bills and one person guarded the Canadian border, how much illegal activity happened? How many people were trafficked, drugs and other contraband passed? We talk about the “safety and security” of the US and we think that buying planes and missiles will keep us safe. How about always having the boarder guarded? Why do we mess us on the simple things?

More importantly, isn’t it ridiculous that we think that force makes us safe? Force created every event that caused war in the world. It was the forced invasion of Poland that started WWII. It was the forced policies of the government that started the civil war. We can’t fix problems with force, and we shouldn’t even try.

It is ridiculous to read what happens in politics and not feel a sense of being lost. I often ask myself how decisions can be made that are so counter to everything we are supposed to believe in as a nation. This isn’t just about democrats or republicans. This is larger than the parties. This is about when people who are supposed to be helping people, view politics as a tool to help themselves.

As a society we are not making decisions that help anyone. If the government closes down again we only help those forces that we say we are against. I was so surprised and angry that the government can shut down at all. There are so many people who are vulnerable who need the government paychecks and care. There are record numbers of people on medicare/Medicaid and SS benefits. There are orphans, and wards of the court. People these people need a stable government. You may have money and not be personally affected by a shutdown, but the most vulnerable in our society are really hurt by this.

Don’t allow your petty posturing to hurt others. Do the right thing and think of the people besides you own ego.