Office 365 Outlook crashing?

Is your Office 365 Outlook crashing? Maybe you have too many items.

I helped two people. One of them had 13,000 emails, and the other had 17,000 emails (items). Outlook calls them items but they are basically emails. The person who had 13k would crash regularly about every 4 hours. The person with 17k would crash about every hour.

I upgraded both of them to a new computer that is 64 bits and had twice the amount of memory. They crashed less, but still crashed. I told them that they had no choice but to delete emails.

Microsoft has said that at 25,000 items it can become unstable, but most people have problems with far fewer than that. When people use the other office programs like Word or Excel, it can crash with even as few as 5,000 emails. Honestly, the best and most stable Outlook has the fewest amount of emails in it.

So what will the users do? I have asked them to delete emails and now it is their choice if they do or don’t. I can’t do anything further for them. No one else who has their new computer and same problems has Outlook crash. Of course they don’t have that number of emails either. There are only so many resources that a computer can handle.

I have seen that Apple computers handle email better. They tend to crash less than Outlook does on the PC. One user I helped had about 30,000 items and almost 40GB of data. That was incredible. She would sometimes crash but rebuilding her Outlook database seemed to fix the problem.

Now of course another option would be to have a dedicated device to do email. Some people choose to do email on their iPad. It makes sense and works well for this purpose. I see many people transitioning from having a desktop and laptop to having a desktop and iPad. Even a few will transition to just having an Laptop and no desktop or iPad. The desktop popularity is dying and thats ok with me.

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