Having problems with Office 365?

I used a great tool today to fix an Office 365 problem. I wanted to share it with you so that it might help you if you have Office 365 issues.

You can click on the link above and it fixes things in 5 categories of Office 365 problems. It fixed a problem really quickly that I had worked on for a half hour. It was a nice experience and something I would use again.

Microsoft has many issues, but sometimes they have a tool that fixes the job perfectly. This tool fixed the problem. Of course it would be better to have not caused the issue, but a fix is good too.

One of the other things to keep in mind with Office 365 is how reliant on network connections it is. The other part of this problem was an intermittent connection to the network. So in addition to this tool I also replaced the network cable which was damaged.

The user said that his email was very slow and then just stopped working. No one else complained about that today, so it was something unique with his computer. Other people in his department have had network issues so thats why I replaced his cable. He said his logon was much faster, but the real test will be in the next few days and see if it continues to be fast.

It is interesting that Microsoft is successful in selling the same solution over and over. Years ago it promised that Exchange would provide all kinds of reliable and feature laden email service. When other companies did it better like Gmail, they changed and started to be web centric. Now once again Office 365 is claiming to be the best. Once again this is not the case.

I have talked about what I think the best email service is. I have shared that I have said Goodbye to Gmail. Whatever you want to do is your business.

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