Apple Pay and using Grubhub

I have used Apple Pay on and off for years. It isn’t that I don’t like it, it is just that it doesn’t have a critical mass of retailers.

So why am I talking about it now? I wanted to use it for a purchase from the Apple Store. I put in the card it wasn’t accepted the first time. When I called my bank to verify it they said the information was wrong and I needed to call Fraud department. I spoke to the Fraud department today and they said that it was a fluke and easily let me set it up.

I was able to buy the app and everything was great. Well imagine my surprise when I go into the Grubhub app on the iPhone and it recognizes that I am using Apple pay. I put everything in my cart to checkout and it says that my address is missing. I put in my address and it says that I can use my passcode to buy this purchase. I was hoping for my fingerprint! Oh well, I put in my passcode and it said that the purchase was made.

Normally Apple says that with Apple Pay you use your fingerprint to purchase. I thought it was interesting that it didn’t use my fingerprint but rather the phone lock code. You know the same code you use to unlock your phone. Apple calls this a passcode. Anyway, it works but still odd.

To me, a higher level of security would be to always use the fingerprint by default unless it was broken. If it couldn’t get a reading, then ask for a passcode. I wonder why Grubhub felt a code was more secure than a fingerprint?

Another thing to note here is that Apple Pay apparently doesn’t let you have more than one card. When I added a second card it just deleted the first card that I had put in. Having multiple cards would be helpful. I will research this more and let you know what I find out.

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