Is the future just technological?

I hope the future isn’t just technology. It would be such a boring place.

I like Star Trek and all the progress and science that it represents. I like the fact that one day we will have incredible technologies that seem improbable now. I like the fact that we are slowly increasing our understanding of the universe and growing as species.

However even with all the wonderful things that science and technology bring us, it clearly isn’t the answer. We grow more capable and energy efficient, but that just causes us to use energy in other things. Yes we can do more with engines than we used to do, but we have so many engines now that we are causing global warming because of it.

Clearly science can only go so far. The other part of course is our lifestyle or how we choose to use it. I am not saying what we should do with our lives, but to recognize that technology isn’t the only answer.

I work with technology and often have people ask me how we can be more efficient with that. I love those kinds of questions and yes we can do much more with technologies help. However I see with the addiction that people have to their phones and the Internet that it is crossing the line from being helpful to being destructive.

Why do I say this? It is common for people not to remember things because they say they can google it. Rather than people being valued for being educated, we value someones search skills. Rather than have personal enrichment or reading just for the pleasure of reading, we tend to skim Facebook for information. Did you know that one study said that 60% of people get their primary news from Facebook? Facebook as a news source is repulsive to me.

One news source, no matter how good is only one point of view. The best news source would be something with differing points of view and challenging whatever the current point of view is. What use is news that doesn’t challenge the reader?

Is the future just technological? I hope not. I hope we don’t become machines but rather stay human and challenge the system.

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