Real life superhero in NYC giving to others

Real life superhero in NYC giving to others

This is a touching story about a real life superhero in NYC giving to others.

Why am I sharing this? It is touching that the values of sharing and caring for others cause people to do these kind of things. We can help in our own way. It is neat that he took something that may people consider a negative or problem and turned it into a positive.

One of the things that he has said in other documentaries is that he gives and goes out and helps people when he doesn’t have work. He works as a video producerĀ and when he doesn’t have work then he helps others. I think most people would would work part time would feel desperate for money and not consider helping others to fill their time.

It is surprising isn’t it the way that people interpret life? We think that we see life as it is, but we can only see it through our own experiences. I think for this reason it is crucial to listen to others. We have to be able to understand and appreciate other points of view, even if we don’t agree with them.

If you are a regular reader you have heard me talk about this before. Sharing, kindness, listening all bring meaning to our lives. Its ok if you don’t agree with this. Its ok if you live your life as if those things don’t matter. We all choose our experiences and my values are not your values.

So then why share this? It is to show that for many people their deepest and most meaningful experiences are those with a sense of connection. It is community I feel that we lack in the United States with our overemphasis on individualism. Individualism is fine and its great to do your own thing, but it is also ok to be part of something larger than yourself too.

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