Multiple monitors very appreciated by people. I saw this today and many days when I have given multiple monitors to coworkers.

Why is this so appreciated? For several reasons.

  1. More efficient. People go crazy scrolling and scrolling to see the information they need to see. They had 15 inch monitors which were a decade old. These monitors were never sufficient for what they were asked to do. It was completely inappropriate for them to continue to have these monitors.
  2. Old Monitors. When they are ten years old you can imagine the shape they are in. Of course besides being old, they are worn out and the image quality is poor. That really stresses your eyes and makes it hard to do your job.
  3. Sense of value to the company. When a company spends money on you as an employee you really feel grateful and happy. Its nice that people get a sense of feeling valuable.

There are many more reasons than this of course but I wanted to highlight the majors. It is really a wonderful experience when you can play with a new toy isn’t it?