Are you living in your own Holodeck?

Are you living in your own Holodeck?

If you are familiar with Star Trek you know that the Holodeck is an area where anything you want can be true. It allows the user to experience anything they can imagine, and with all the reality of it actually happening.

The only thing close to the technology now is just our dreams. However I was thinking about Holodecks, and I think that people live in their own Holodeck. Here are the reasons why.

The Holodeck is a place where you create your own reality. Don’t we all create our own reality? Yes things happen to us, but our interpretations of those things all come from us. More importantly, we seem to choose to believe things without evidence of them. We call it faith, but to someone outside of us it looks like a random choice on our part.

I am not here to debate faith or any belief. Just to examine how rational our life is and why we think it is rational because we can think. So we have our life that we think is real, just like the Holodeck is real. Both are real to an extent. It seems that there is a strong correspondence between what we believe and what our emotional reality needs to believe.

I for example, believed things in the past because it was necessary for me to believe so. For example, I believed that my life had meaning beyond what I could feel/understand the meaning it had. I believed that, because I could not conceive of a universe that just randomly did things without a higher purpose. Perhaps I was wrong, but that belief helped me get where I am at today.

The Holodeck is made of future walls and force fields. However isn’t our beliefs and feelings the walls and force fields of our own experience? Don’t we seek out things that confirm our beliefs, and not really challenge what we want to believe?

To me, being conscious means constantly challenging things in myself that I believe are true. It isn’t easy, but I don’t assume things either. If I am in a HolodeckĀ or fantasy world I accept that. If this world is exactly what it appears to be and I die, that’s ok with me too. Either way I am going to be living for both the present moment and the one in which the rules of this life don’t apply.

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