Does your mail or Internet stop on your iPhone?

Does your mail or Internet stop on your iPhone? Well it happened to a coworker and this is what I did.

She called me and said that her mail stopped the day before and needed it to work. I looked at her account and her account was working and not locked out. This is a common problem when things don’t work. Then I did a series of tests of her account since we were migrating to Office 365. I spoke my coworker who was doing the Migration and he said that it shouldn’t affect her.

So then that left me puzzled. If we weren’t having a system problem, then the problem must be on her end. I had her do the reset > reset network settings under general in system. That didn’t fix it. I had her delete the email account and then try to reset it up but it would not verify her password and details. She had the right information and I reset her password. I was sure this wasn’t a system problem.

So that left her device. In a last-ditch attempt I explained how to do a hard reset of her iPhone and asked her to call me back and test email. She called me back and said that worked.

She was thrilled everything was working fine. I was pleased as well. I expressed to her that if that didn’t work then taking her phone to an Apple store would be the fastest way to resolve the problem. Since I knew Apple/iOS better than anyone else at work there wasn’t anyone who had greater experience at the company than I.

Sometimes I am convinced that the problem isn’t a system problem and have asked users to go to the Apple store when they have a personal device. That has worked great when one user had a problem with his iPad not starting, and I knew it was a failure of the hardware.

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