Macs in an enterprise environment and an unusual AD change

I worked at a place once that had macs in an enterprise environment and an unusual AD change.

What does that mean? Well AD stands for Active Directory and it is what most companies use to provide security on the network. They had changed the names on the accounts to make them compatible with Office 365. So what that meant is that the Macs that were setup under the old name needed to be changed to work with Office 365.

In order to do this, I had to unbind and rebind the mac to the domain controller for the company. Then I deleted her account and saved the old contents in a folder on the computer. Just in case there was something that was saved or necessary. Then I made sure that he could log in on the login screen and he logged in and everything worked great.

Besides this, because the old information on his account was deleted, we had to go to the Servers in the menu at the top and reselect the servers. Once that was connected, I went to the file menu and clicked on “Add to sidebar” and then that server was added to the finder sidebar.

There wasn’t any difference in the user experience. However this was crucial to do since without doing this, he would have had the wrong structure in AD to work with Office 365. Since there is another mac user in the company I did his the next day.

It is interesting that in the company of hundreds of PC users, the mac users have the fewest problems. It is a great experience and a testament to the good design and thoughtfulness put into it. This is typical. When macs are used in place of windows machines, in almost every company I have worked at, it tends to work better. Of course not every company is so forward thinking.

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