Del La Soul – Me, Myself & I

Del La Soul – Me, Myself & I

Some videos are just classic, and this is one of them.

Lets ignore the obvious skill and talent for a moment. What this album did at the time was say it was ok to be different, and different in the most hostile setting for being unique-a high school. It gave hope to anyone who was different, that different was not only ok but to be celebrated.

One of the best parts of music and culture is that it can reflect the experiences that we have. I have always appreciated culture because it shows the experience that we might never get on our own. To me, it is our job and responsibility to listen to each other. That shows in understanding culture, and in appreciating and imagining what our live would be like if a different path was chosen.

In some ways, growing up in a small town had advantages. In others it did not. I often wonder how it would have been to grow up in New York. What kind of adventures and life would I have had? Would I manage computers, and would I have found the happiness I currently have?

To me, the entire point of life is to be happy. When I make decisions now, I think to myself “Will this make me happier?” I must admit that I still struggle at times to do what is easy which is to pursue pleasure. However I have pursued that strategy and found that I was not happy. Pleasure evaporates too quickly to find meaning and purpose in.

Isn’t it strange? We have all our needs met, yet we still want more. We want to define our lives with meaning and purpose, yet we often don’t act in that way. I have recently been thinking about the next vehicle I will own. I often like to trade cars and try new things. Yet part of me I think is happy having had those experiences and is ready for a new kind of experience.

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