Stories from my Past: Giving does have its limits

Stories from my Past: Giving does have its limits

Sometimes you find that when you try to give, you get told no and get more in return.

I always try to show people whom I appreciate that I value their time and energy. I did that 3 times today and got rebuffed each time.

1st time. I was talking with a coworker and said that I appreciated their hard work and that I wanted to give them a small gift for Xmas. They said that they had learned many things from me and appreciated me and it wasn’t necessary to give a gift for them to feel appreciated. They rather wanted my time that I shared with them to show how things work and help make their life easier.

2nd time. I was talking with another coworker and said the same as above. When I went to get out the money he stopped me and said Thank you but it’s not necessary. He seemed confused that I wanted to give him money. To me, actions speak louder than words. When I have gotten a bonus that is equally as important as being told Thank you. Both are helpful, but money can make your life easier.

3rd time. I was in Target and I gave the cashier some money. She said she wasn’t allowed to accept it and that it was a store rule. I said Merry Christmas and went on my way.

4th time. I was in a small store and I gave the cashier some money. She was confused and I said it was a gift. She still had problems understanding this and told me thank you. I left.

So clearly the 3rd time isn’t the charm. Sometimes you have to give, until you find someone who can accept what you are offering. What was an even better side effect is that I got complimented and appreciated when I showed appreciation to others. What a valuable gift to me that was today.

Give material support and emotional support and you enhance someones life.

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