LinkedIn app is better than website

The LinkedIn app is better than website.

I use both and I prefer the app. It is easier to respond to, faster and seems to be more useful than the website.

One of the frustrating things about the website is the large amount of sponsored content or ads. I don’t like ads in anything. Of course I am not paying for LinkedIn either, so I can understand why they show me ads. However I was a premium member for a month and I still saw ads. So when you are paying for it, you shouldn’t see ads.

It isn’t just the ads but that the website always seems to be slower than the app I use on my iPhone. Rarely are apps better than their websites. Most of the time they are slow, confusing mess. Often they crash or have other problems that make them not worth using.

I think what I like best about the app on the iPhone is that it allows me focus on the details that are important. If the website had an iPhone or smartphone mode where it would show the same interface that would be helpful. What I like is that you don’t see all the extra garbage on the sides that you really aren’t looking for. I have mentioned before the future in interfaces is personalization. Of course if you are rich you can pay a programmer to do that for you now, but most people don’t have money to spend on custom interfaces.

What is surprising is that there isn’t a company that is selling interfaces. I think people who are used to the smartphone interface to websites would prefer that on their web browser. Or people who prefer a macintosh or Windows interface would prefer and feel more comfortable in those environments.

One day this will happen and people will wonder why we ever allowed companies to dictate our interface to the world.

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